We recommend the first washing of all hamam towels at 30 degrees, so that the shrinkage of the products is as little as possible. In the future, you can wash at 40 degrees. Read more about product descriptions.We do not recommend using fabric softener, it reduces the absorbency of the towel. We also do not recommend using homemade laundry vinegar.

Normal spin (800-1200) and tumble dry on low heat, leave slightly damp so the towel is softer.The properties of the Hamam towel get even better with use.

If you want the hammam towel to become more absorbent, let it soak in cold water for about 12 hours before you wash it for the first time. We recommend that you soak it overnight. This allows the cotton fibers to expand, helping to achieve maximum absorbency and softness. This can also be done at a later stage.

The hammam towel dries quickly, does not remain damp. Therefore, with modern detergents, even a lower temperature is sufficient to achieve a clean washing result.

The Hammam towel is environmentally friendly, takes up less space in the washing machine, consumes less energy, water and detergent when washing.

Towels and fringes are always checked before sending, but very rarely the fringes can loosen in the wash or tumble dryer, the fringes can be tied back tighter when wet or dry. You can also iron like other cotton products.

It is easy to tie the fringes as shown in the picture, and tie a tight knot at the end. Two adjacent bundles of yarn, take the end and turn both to the right and wrap them on top of each other and finally make a knot.