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What is tie-dye

Simply if a cloth is tie-dyed, it is tied in knots and then put into dye, so some parts of it become more deeply coloured than others.The bamboo hammam towel first is rolled and tied tightly then dyed with totally natural dyes and finally these beautiful patterns and colors come out.

 The dye which we use consists of natural ingredients, no chemicals used.

 Colors and patterns vary and each piece is unique since it is totally handmade.

To increase the absorbancy of the towel a special enzym process also has been done before the dyeing process which is held by a specialist by using a traditional way.

This high-quality beautiful bamboo hammam towel will be one of ”must have” s of this summer..

 Bamboo hammam towel is our premium quality product.

  Since It is made of %70 bamboo and %30 cotton fiber it is super soft, smooth, luxurious. Bamboo fiber gets softer even than silk fiber when it is spun into yarns.

  It is naturally anti-bacterial and UV protective.It can be used perfectly as scarf, shawl, sarong

  It is decorated with handmade colorful organic wooden prints.

You can even use it as a dress by knotting at the top of your shoulder or you can tie it from the waist and use as skirt at the beach.

- Size: 95cm x 175cm

- Weight: 230g

- Lightweight, thin , 2-3 times more absorbent than regular fabrics

- Dries very quickly

-Takes up the minimum space in your luggage

- 70% bamboo, 30% cotton

-Naturally antibacterial

- Eco- friendly, takes up less space in washing machine, consumes less energy, water and detergent during washing

- Stylish and trendy

- Multi-functional

- Made in Turkey

- Machine wash max. 40C , do not use fabric softener

it may reduce the towel's ability to absorb water

  Bamboo hammam-towel is a very nice choice as gift. It’s ultimate breathability keeps you comfortable and dry.

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Tie Dye Bamboo Hammam Towel Azur
Tie Dye Bamboo Hammam Towel Azur
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